The steamer "Storskär" proudle heading for the archipelago of Stockholm.

I'm an "optimistic amateur" and a Canon freak since many years. My first camera was a FX.
Today the tools are 5D MkIV, 14/2.8, 28/1.8, 50/1.4, 100/2.0, 200/2.8 and 400/5.6

In case of hard copies I normally use HahnemÜhle fine art papers like "William Turner" etc. printed by a PRO-1000.
Some pictures have also been printed on hand-made cotton-paper

If somebody would like to discuss my photos, please, use my mail-adress
Also, if somebody would like to get a copy of a photo, please contact me.
So far all pictures have been processed for hard copies and it is difficult to demonstrate the result on a screen. The impression on a paper is different than on the WEB

The pacific steam engine F1200, built 1914, heading for Stockholm - 104 years later.

Light houses


Kuggviksskär at the entrance of Arkösund.
Winter 2017

Lighthouse of När, Gotland

A lighthouse on the east coast of the island Gotland in the Sea of Baltic.


Jungfrusalen (The Ballroom for the Virgins) at the archipelago of S:t Anna

Some pictures colleced around the Swedish coast

Poor navigation

The experienced makes no misstakes - it is said. Experiances are given by misstakes.
This was learned by the skipper of Swiks, a schooner heading for Åland Christmas 1926.
In a snowstorm he tried to escape in a lee for the wind at the island of Öland. He didn't reach safe.

Heavy weather is loading up!

The island Lilla Karlsö seen from Gotland

Storsudret, Gotland

Seen from the south

"Line up for a race!"
  • Nora - our latest grand daughter
  • The light house of Östergarns holme
  • Swans crossing the lake Tåkern
  • Cranes at Horborgarsjön
  • The roller coaster "Wild fire"
  • Our grand daugher Hilma's first public performance
  • Ruin of the church S:t Karin, Visby
  • Dancing wipers
  • Main line southbound from Stockholm

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