The steamer "Storskär" proudle heading for the archipelago of Stockholm.

Light houses


Kuggviksskär at the entrance of Arkösund.
Winter 2017

Lighthouse of När, Gotland

A lighthouse on the east coast of the island Gotland in the Sea of Baltic.


Jungfrusalen (The Ballroom for the Virgins) at the archipelago of S:t Anna

I'm an "optimistic amateur" and a Canon freak since many years. My first camera was the FX.
Today the tools are 5D MkIV, 14/2.8, 28/1.8, 50/1.4, 100/2.0, 200/2.8 and 400/5.6

In case of hard copies I normally use HahnemÜhle fine art papers like "William Turner" etc. printed by a PRO-1000.
Some pictures have also been printed on hand-made cotton-paper

If somebody would like to discuss my photos, please, use my mail-adress or call me on +46 705 64 82 12
Also, if somebody would like to get a copy of a photo, please contact me.
So far all pictures have been processed for hard copies and it is difficult to demonstrate the result on a screen. The impression on a paper is different than on the WEB

The pacific steam engine F1200, built 1914, heading for Stockholm - 104 years later.

Some pictures colleced around the Swedish coast

Poor navigation

The experienced makes no misstakes - it is said. Experiances are given by misstakes.
This was learned by the skipper of Swiks, a schooner heading for Åland Christmas 1926.
In a snowstorm he tried to escape in a lee for the wind at the island of Öland. He didn't reach safe.

Heavy weather is loading up!

The island Lilla Karlsö seen from Gotland

"Line up for a race!"
  • Nora - our latest grand daughter
  • The light house of Östergarns holme
  • Swans crossing the lake Tåkern
  • Cranes at Horborgarsjön
  • The roller coaster "Wild fire"
  • Our grand daugher Hilma's first public performance
  • Ruin of the church S:t Karin, Visby
  • Dancing wipers
  • Main line southbound from Stockholm

My wife and what she is doing